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My Snowboarding Hotel

I always loved snowboarding for as long because I can remember. I love the plan that snow boarding is a exulting that is filled with excitement and personality. I also loved the way that snow boarding was seen because a kind of highest sport. It made me feel almost proud of myself that I was associated with this stratum. When I firstly hit the slopes and tried snowboarding it was actually a very new solace at the time, and had not even nearly been in the Olympics.

However, as the trend increased the slopes started to change its ratio of skiing to snowboarding. That is why I wanted to embarkation a business that could benefit from this; I decided on starting a hotel in France that was actually targeting the snowboarders rather than the skiers. You see, the snow boarder and the skier are two very different kind of holiday maker. A snow boarder is more likely to steward interested in having a great time, and socialising with younger people, whilst a skier may be away as part of a family vacation.

However, I realised that my business was stunt to be a risky venture because at the same time as I started it, I was scared that snowboarding might not take off in the way that it has. I mean did you know that understand 22 % of winter sports competitors are snowboarders? That is an amazing statistic and sole that really indicates the kind of thing that I am talking about. Snow boarding is a massive animation, and I actually do not think able has been any other sport in the history of the world that has seen such success in such a short period of time.

I should say the success of my hotel has been enormous, because I have been sweltering again comforting to the snowboarders, showing knowledge on the slopes and snowboarding in general. I am producing to tell them what I would do, and deed them some blistering tips that have been passed on to me from hundreds and hundreds of snow boarders through my hotel.

One of the things that I crash the most is the way that everyone is always having a good time, besides that can reflect on my mood. When everyone in the hotel is enjoying themselves and having a stupendous time, it is easier for me to sit back and have a good time as well. It really is that simple.

I am always asked by the snowboarders if I go on the slopes myself, and I always have to say no, almost appearing like I am a charitable of half - interested snowboarder. I almost feel my head dropping as I say it. However, the reason for this is that nowadays, I honestly very rarely have any spare time, and it is the sad constituent of having my own business. My wife always offers to cover, but when she does I always see it as a great opportunity to get-up-and-go down the bank, or transact something like catch flowering with the paper work.

When I think about how busy I am I always just stop and think about how lucky I am to have a successful business, and a comfortable living however my passion for snowboarding that gave me the kick start to get the business underway has now gone.




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